Types of Indian Jewellery

The combination of Indian women and jewelry has always is the best. The Indian tradition is still alive and it always makes and great with the tradition. In India, the art of beautiful ornaments, with the most beautiful acumen, had been developed. The artists who do this all are very much sincere and give their best on the construction. There is almost the whole part of a body part which includes the neck, ear, nose, arms, and ankle, finger, waist, hair parting.

In India, the jewelry is which is design to match with the attire. India is always having different types of jewelry. It has been always a great thing for a country like which can make up to best jewelry design.  In India, tradition jeweler has always been heavy and voluminous gold, pieces, but nowadays the jewelry is made up of silver, platinum and many other metals which are popular among people. If you want to know about the different types of jewelry in India.

So below we have mentioned some of the different types of jewelry which you can find in India.

  1. Antique jewelry.Image result for Types of Indian Jewellery

In India, the tradition of jewelry is always different, which the customer makes it by their own choice. This happens particular cases in India that they just want to ready made jewelry they don’t consider the readymade one they always go for a specific taste.

  1. Custom jewelry custom

 Jewelry is something that personalized jewelry, which we can get customized by your style has some.it gives the total freedom to design your style

  1. Fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is something which is also known as costume jewelry, which is not made of precious metals and stones, with cheap material are used. Fashion is trend-conscious and then they make changes as per changing needs.

  1. Kundan jewelryImage result for Kundan jewelry

The Kundan is a thing which forms during the Mughal period, this art of Kundan works reached the Rajasthan from Delhi. The starting of Kundan jewelry was started from Rajasthan but now it has been separating in the different parts of India.

We have mentioned the above content about the different types of jewelry which you can find in India. So if you are satisfied with the given content then comment down below.