Five bridesmaids walking across green grass and driveway.

Bridesmaid Jewelry They’ll Want to Wear Beyond the Walk Down the Aisle

Getting married last year in France opened my eyes to the thousands of little (and not so little) details to think about when you get married. But one of the toughest to crack can be the bridesmaids game! Choosing who you’re going to invite to your bridal party is one thing, but doing your best to dress and accessorize them in a way that makes them all feel beautiful and special is quite another!

But one thing I learned along the way is that whether you give them a gift to say thanks, or get them something to compliment their bridesmaid dresses, jewelry is always going to steal their hearts and become something they’ll want to wear well beyond the walk down the aisle. Here are my top tips for choosing the perfect jewelry for your bridal party:

Make it Uber Personal

Yes, it’s your wedding and you could absolutely give your bride tribe a gift related to the wedding, but personally, I think a timeless piece of jewelry will be much more appreciated (and remembered) than a one-off, monogrammed robe or a pair of pajamas (super cute, but a little expected).

Five bridesmaids walking across green grass and driveway.

Prove Just How Well You Know Them

You don’t just casually choose who you want to have by your side on your wedding day, right? It’s SUCH a special decision and so it makes sense not to give your bridesmaids uniform jewelry. If one is more of an earring lover and another is a ring stacking goddess, give them what they want! Plus, you’ll prove how well you know each one of them and the thoughtfulness behind each piece will be hard to miss! (Pro tip: one sure way to personalize each gift is to select pieces from our Initials Collection)

Keep Each Piece on a Similar Scale

If you choose to give various pieces of jewelry based on your bridesmaids’ various styles and tastes it can be tricky to keep everything on an even playing field (I get it!) both monetarily and size wise—but do your best to keep each piece on a similar size scale (which is why with dainty jewels you can’t go wrong!) and with our reasonable pricing it makes it easy to stay within your budget Win-win!

Bridesmaids walking outdoors with the bride.

Bridesmaids standing in a row holding flowers.

Minimal, Subtle, & Feminine

Dainty studs, stackable rings, timeless bracelets, and fine necklaces are fail-safe options almost every bridesmaid will appreciate. And when they’re minimal, subtle, and feminine they’re also less likely to distract from their dresses (or yours!), but distinctive enough to add a little, special sparkle. The other benefit of going for jewels that are classic and dainty is that they’ll seamlessly transition into their current jewelry collection to wear with jeans and a t-shirt or out to dinner during a more fancy occasion.

Bridesmaids standing in a row holding flowers next to the bride.

Your bridesmaids have always been there for you and getting married is such a special opportunity to show them how much you care with the perfect bridesmaid jewels that are oh-so-them, that they can wear every day, and stay as a reminder of the joy that was your big day!


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Perfect Jewelry For Your Bridesmaids

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