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How to Pick Your Perfect Necklace Length

Buying online is SUPER convenient and the options are endless, but it can sometimes be challenging when you can’t actually try on pieces like necklaces to know exactly where they’ll fall. But whether you have an outfit in mind for a special occasion or you want to invite some necklaces to your layering party—knowing where your necklace will fall is easier than you might think. Here’s our necklace sizing cheat sheet to get you out of the dark and hitting ‘add to cart’ like an absolute boss!

Measure an Existing Necklace

If you already have quite the collection of necklaces (or even just a few) your jewelry box is a great place to start. Unhook the ones closest to the length you want, line them up against a ruler, make note of their size in inches, and use that as your rough guide.

Make a DIY Necklace Sizer!

If you want to get even more accurate, or if you don’t have a huge array of necklaces to measure, we’ve got a dainty DIY solution:

Step 1: Stand in front of the mirror (maybe even wearing the outfit you have in mind) and, using a piece of string, loop it around your neck, pinch it together where you’d like it to fall, and mark the string with a pen.

Step 2: Lay the string out on a ruler to measure the length.

Step 3: Hey presto you now know where your necklace will fall!

And don’t forget that you can always go for a necklace that has an extension chain of two or three inches for ultimate flexibility and remember to take into account the fact that pendants will add extra length. 

Katie Dean Jewelry Bar with Gem Necklace, Guinevere Lariat

Featured necklaces above: Bar with Gem Necklace (16″ +1 .5″ ext chain), Guinevere Lariat (16″ + 3″ ext chain)

FYI the most common lengths that necklaces come in are as follows:

  • 14-15 inches
  • 16-17 inches
  • 18-20 inches

Almost all of the necklaces in the KDJ Collection are equipped with extension chain so that you can still have control over the exact length and make it personal to you. Scroll down to see pictures of our most common lengths of necklaces on a person so you can get an idea of what they will look like on you!

As always, leave a comment below, direct message us on social media or shoot us an email (hello@katiedeanjewelry.com) if you need any help.

Happy necklace shopping!


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