Katie Dean sitting outside wearing a yellow dress.

Introducing, The Seashell Collection

When you were a kid, did you scavenge for shells on the beach on family vacations? Me too!! And I remember it being all the rage to have shell necklaces! I created The Seashell Collection because I want you to feel the magic of those summer holidays—like you’re taking a bit of tropical paradise and that “relaxing beach feeling” with you whenever and in whichever season you wear them (and, yes, I would TOTALLY wear seashells in winter!).

Katie Dean sitting outside wearing a yellow dress.

The Seashell Collection includes three necklaces and three matching earrings—it’s an homage to not taking ourselves too seriously and to doing the things that bring you joy—just because! This collection is the refined, uber-feminine version of the fun shell necklaces you used to rock out in as a kid! And since all of the necklaces have a different dainty chain that goes along with it—each piece brings an effortless, magical shine.

The Sand Dollar Necklace & Earrings

The Sand Dollar has a special meaning for me—before my Grandma Julie passed away she gave me a solid gold sand dollar necklace that I layer up with my other KDJ jewels. It has the most beautiful chain and detailing and it’s turned into a bit of a lucky charm for me personally. I also feel it’s simply fun and whimsical (it has a special hammered top which makes it glisten) so I wanted to share it with you all!

Katie Dean Sand Dollar Necklace
Sand Dollar Necklace

Katie Dean Jewelry Sand Dollar Earrings

The Sand Dollar Hoop Earrings

The Puka Shell Necklace & Earrings

As a kid, I remember wearing puka shell necklaces with shells going all across my neck and feeling like so cool and grown-up HA! I felt on top of the world! The puka shell designs are a little piece of childhood nostalgia with a twist of modern glam. They’re designed to be flirty & fun so you can rock out an effortless, magical shine that gets all the compliments.

Katie Dean Jewelry Puka Shell Earrings

The Puka Shell Necklace

Katie Dean Jewelry Puka Shell Earrings
The Puka Shell Hoop Earrings

The Starfish Necklace & Earrings

Do you have a thing for stars? Yup—me too, especially ones that shine bright! it’s no secret I have a long standing love for anything star related and I’ll probably never stop designing star inspired pieces. Feminine and chic beyond measure, these will enchant everyone who lays eyes on them.

Katie Dean Jewelry Starfish Necklace

The Starfish Necklace

Katie Dean Jewelry Starfish Studs
The Starfish Studs

All of the necklaces come with extensions so you can wear them at 16, 18 and 20 inches—perfect for a layering party or to wear solo. Choose your own adventure—because that’s seriously been the inspiration for this collection: to have more fun in life, to be less serious and to create new jewels that bring me, and hopefully you, pure joy!


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*Lifestyle photography by Courtney Ryan

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