Best Jewelry Brands In 2021

Many of the greatest celebrations, marriages and coronations in existence are marked with a diamond. And bracelets and earrings and necklaces and rings also make appearances for graduations, birthdays, work promotions, retirements in other group times of life. And there are, of course, the times when someone wishes to toast themselves. Here, a list of jewels that we know are always prepared for a celebration, and one that is always welcome.

Best Jewelry Brands In 2021


Popular friends with celebration-loving people like Coco Chanel and Cole and Linda Porter were Fulco di Verdura. It is said that the house’s legendary Maltese Cross cuffs were influenced by Chanel and a trip she and Fulco took to visit the Empress Theodora mosaic in Italy.

The right excuse for everyone to celebrate is a pair of matching Verdura Maltese Cross cuffs, but there are easier places to start. Link by link, year by year, you can buy the equally popular Verdura Curb Link bracelet, which made headlines when Greta Garbo was spotted wearing one in her garden.

Harry Winston

Well, they’re not calling him the Diamond King for nothing. In a public exhibition called The Court of Jewels, Mr. Winston once toured a collection of historic gems, including the Hope Diamond, across the world. Like a hidden visit inside a vault of stories, a visit to any Winston store around the world can still feel this way. But don’t let you get intimidated by that. Instead, think of it as an invitation to trust, especially for celebratory pieces that are also future investments.


This Italian house was built on the premise that, in a celebration of craftsmanship and elegance and style, jewelry should not be held in a vault, but rather worn everyday. In their iconic Nudo rings, a semi-precious stone set on a simple band of gold, the tradition is evident. They are meant to be stacked to be worn, but you can always start with a gift of one and a future pledge.

David Yurman

The Yurman cable bracelet is an icon of contemporary jewelry design and is now offered in a wide range of materials, from stone studded gold to silver to brightly colored titanium, more than two decades after its first production. When buying someone a gift from Yurman, that would be the first place to start, but the real secret here are the stones of outstanding quality and unique cuts. Yurman and his son Evan are the cornerstones of Tucson Arizona’s annual jewelry display, and their relationships with the global stone dealer network run deep.

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