Most popular gem stones

Gemstones are the most important part of the jewels, and so in this article, to enlighten you, we have curated a list of most popular gem stones. Take a look below;


A deep secret and suspense is in the moonstone. It is known as a stone that holds reality within. It was also used by travelers as an amulet to protect them earlier, particularly during night travel. As a present, she was favored as a sign of desire by lovers. It was used for nearly two thousand years most commonly in Roman jewelry designs. Moonstone is a common present for marriage in India as well. Blue, fish, white, rainbow, and gray are all the colors which are the most common. It is said that the stone would offer peace, knowledge and security to those who hold it close.


Jade is referred to as the stone of blessing” and is said to bless everything it touches. The stone has not been prized only for jewelry for nearly six thousand years, but also for weapons. Mostly for knives and axle points, in earlier days it was a stone so solid and quickly polished. For its soothing power and elegance, China retains the highest importance over the stone even today. The most often found in green are blue white, brown, black, orange, purple, red and yellow colours. Today’s jade is used as a “dream stone” or a pillar of wealth that also comes from the blessing energies and awareness of the crystal.

Tiger’s Eye

The eye of Tiger is a stone both dreaded and admired because he is a visionary and intelligent eye. It is said to allow the wearer to see clearly with a keen capacity to observe. It was used in ancient Egypt in the eyes of the statues. The stone was also portrayed by Roman soldiers as bravery and strength.

Green Aventurine

The most blessed of all crystals is said to be Green Aventurine. The ‘Rock of Chance’ is often also named, and goes hand in hand with what has been used. Many people have taken the stone for luck in jobs, partnerships and funds today and throughout history. It has been said that in the 1700s a glass worker in Italy mistakenly filed metal into molten glass and exposed the Green Aventurine itself after refreshing. It was made and used for jewelry then again for the striking green elegance of the stone. It is said that Green Aventurine gives loy to someone who not only wears it but is similar to it.

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