The best diamond jewellery stores or brands

Some items remain very precious to our hearts, regardless of their expense and affordability. The market for them is still strong, despite the prices. Diamond Jewelry is one such item that is of high value and not available to someone who wants the same thing. Although there are many metals that make jewels, Diamond is one stone that is considered invaluable all over the world.

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Here is the list of the best diamond jewellery stores or brands that you pick to choose the best one for you.

Malabar – One of India’s most famous diamond jewelry brands, Malabar has its own gold and diamond showrooms located throughout many parts of India. Malabar makes Diamond Jewelry BIS and Hall quality. The Malabar company, which began in 1993, is today one of the leading manufacturers of diamond jewelry. Malabar Jewelry has many branches across India and has even expanded its wings abroad.

Kalyan Jewelers – Formed as a basic jewelry shop in the early nineties, Kalyan Jewelers is today a major brand distributed throughout India. Kalyan is not only present in India, but its vast global footprint has rendered it a trustworthy brand. Kalyan has recently founded a ‘My Kalyan Mini Stores’ which sells rare, lightweight and affordable diamond jewelry. Today, Kalyan Jewelers is affiliated with many prominent celebrities who are dedicated to the standard of Kalyan’s jewelry.

Parineeta Diamond Jewelry – Extension of Gitanjali Jewels Ltd, Parineeta Diamond Jewelry focuses on the production of innovative design that can make any occasion attractive. They specialize in neck pieces that are tightly decorated with precious diamonds. Parineeta also sells diamond jewelry online. Parineeta also sells diamond jewelry online. The several diamond goods available in Parineeta make it the favorite option of customers. The label serves as a jewelry brand because of the excellent quality diamonds it uses.

Rivaaz Jewelry – Rivaaz Jewelry is considered to be one of the best jewelries when it comes to Diamond Jewelry. The wide range of diamond jewels available in exquisite designs makes it one of the most famous brands in the arena. Despite the range of designs, diamond jewelry is very affordable for all sections of the population. Rivaaz Diamond Jewelry is preferred by women on many occasions that are unique to Indian culture.

These are few of the best diamond jewellery stores or brands that you pick to choose the best one for you. Keep visiting to know more on such similar post.

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